GUNS! GUNS! GUNS! “Look in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane… It’s GUNNER-MAN”. Every young boy ought to have played with toys during their childhood stages, but surprisingly this is one toy, people never outgrow.

What better way to be a powerful man in society these days? These however are just opinions influenced by popular culture impacted beliefs so let us relate to you some stone-cold facts about Guns in the USA.

Check out these super cool and also terrible facts about guns in the USA:

10Guns Bought For Self-Defense Are Barely Ever Used

The first one in our list of facts about guns in the USA is a bit weird. There’s never a time when people aren’t getting attacked in an enormous and extremely busy country like the United States of America so you got to have a gun ready to pack some heat right? … WRONG!!

The art of self-defense lies in the ability to save you from an attacker without necessarily being killed or to kill anybody.

Nobody has the cold blooded mindset to just kill something or somebody unless you are the attacker yourself.

In more serious cases though where you’re in a death defying kill or be killed situation, then an exception to this may apply if you can explain it to the court and walk away without the torture of constant appearances to justify your case of “I killed him or her out of self-defense”.

So the more smarter and wiser ‘self-defenders’ of America has decided to scare of the attackers by merely aggressively pulling out their weapons or pointing it to their defenders and of course using some string hate speech and aggression to make them think twice about trying their dirty tricks ,”not me mister, you can put a penny in and try again with somebody else” –

This being the underlining statement most smart people would want to make in order to appear as though they have counter dominated their attacking oppositions with leverage.

Well done to them as more lives were saved and more lessons to attacking parties ought to have been taught in the process, that you don’t mess with a victim that’s in possession of a firearm.

As weird as this among facts about guns in the USA look, we have to remember that after all America also is home to Hollywood, no wonder victims get fresh and play the role of their favorite actors when confronted with the cold nozzle of a gun.

Be warned though if you’re an attacker reading this, that not every victim in the USA are happy chaps who are generous enough to spare your life even though you were threatening to take away theirs. Some victims can also be disguised assassins.


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