There have been many child prodigies throughout history, and some of them even go on to be prolific adults.

Most of them have done more intellectually by that time than we’ll do in our entire lifetimes. This list explores top 10 most genius child prodigies in various fields from around the world.

10Priyanshi Somani

Priyanshi Somani is a mental calculator from India. She started mental calculation at the age of six.

At the age of 11, she was the youngest participant of the Mental Calculation World Cup 2010 and won the overall title.

She is the only participant who has done 100% accuracy in Addition, Multiplication, Square Root till date in all five Mental Calculation World Cups.

She is the winner of “Pogo Amazing Kids Awards 2010” in genius category.

Her name is also added in the Limca Book of World Records as well as the Guinness Book of World Records.


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