Seeing a resemblance of a celebrity’s face in rocks, clouds or even food, may make us think we are either going crazy or overly obsessed with a person who will never know we exist.

This tendency of seeing faces in objects is just a normal psychological phenomenon called Pareidolia, which causes us to see a vague or random image as something significant. It is all fun and games until a creepy face or a person is spotted floating at the fireplace.

Nobody wants to see faces and bodies hovering in smoke, fire or inside burning objects. It is however surprising to know that there have been some Pareidolia images that left viewers happy and inspired.

10Kilauea Volcano Smiley Face

Kilauea volcano’s “smiley face.”

In 2016, the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii, erupted and made headlines, when a smiley face appeared from lava that was emerging from the Pu‘u ‘O‘o vent.

Since 1983, Kilauea has been one of the most active volcanoes in the world but it seemed that it felt it was not been noticed enough, that it decided to attract more attention by smiling for the cameras.

Strangely the smile appeared at the exact moment as Mick Kalber of Paradise Helicopters Tour Company was flying overhead, where he captured the image.

Unlike most pareidolia images, this one apparently has a scientific explanation. According to the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory, spattering of molten lava can create bright spots on the dark-colored, semi-solid lake surface.

Circulation of the lava can also cause the surface to pull apart creating lines that reveal the brighter lava beneath.

They said that this incident just happened to occur in a pattern – a statement scientists use when they cannot explain something.


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