Are you looking for a ways to get a toned stomach and six packs? Then try to choose best workout that suits your personality and keeps you fit and healthy. Some of the peoples try to relying on crunching but this activity is not effective for Abs workout or to get a super flat stomach.

Crunches only work on the front part of your abdomen. To get more define abs it is necessary to target all of your muscles of the core throughout the workout. Well, core exercises are used to stabilize the muscles and also improve your body posture.

Abs exercises play key role to strengthen your body and involves body movements. Your abs is come out only when your body has low fat.

These workouts are very essential to get super flat stomach because it based on quality not on quantities.

 So, you are ready to warm up and to hit every angle of core with effective routine? Here we are described some simple 10 minutes Abs workout which helps you to get perfect abs or super flat stomach.

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10 Minutes AB Workout to Get a SUPER FLAT STOMACH:

Toe touches:

  • This exercise start by lie your back on exercise mat and then extend your arms above your head.
  • After that raise your arms (stretched) and just try to touch your toe with hands.
  • After doing this just move back slowly your body to starting position.
  • Repeat this workout for 10 minutes daily to get effective results.

Straight leg raises:

  • Firstly, lie down on the floor with your arms to your torso.
  • Now raise your legs in upward direction in 90 degree angle and make sure your legs will be fully stretch.
  • Now return your legs to the same position from where you started.
  • Repeat this 10 minute exercise in everyday routine.

Side Bridge:

  • Lie down with one side of your body and try to lift up your hips by supporting your body with your foot.
  • Take rest for some time between exercises if you feel restless.
  • Try to hold this workout position for at least 10 minutes to get proper shape of your abs.
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  • Begin this exercise by keeping your forearms parallel to your body and also touch the floor to form a straight body posture.
  • This workout exercise is similar to push up exercise but in these exercise your forearms will touch the floor.
  • Make sure about that your body and blend will not bend in any position.
  • Repeat this process as mentioned in your daily workout.

Floating knee tuck:

  • For this you need to brace your abs tight and lift your knees off the ground at few inches.
  • Then round spine or try to draw your left knee towards your nose by scooping your abs back.
  • Now extend another leg behind the hips when the right knee still lifted on the floor.
  • Repeat this process till the time you are able to do this for e.g. 5 to 10 minutes.
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Bent leg raises:

  • For this exercise lie down on bench and try to stretch your legs properly.
  • Use your hands to hold the bench tightly and then calves and harm string your legs in 90 degree angle.
  • Now back your legs into the starting positions and repeat this process for 5 to 10 minutes to get proper abs.

Snap jumps:

  • Drop your body into position like squat with laying your hands on the floor.
  • Put your feet back and try to keep your arms extended.
  • Now return your body to push up position and repeat this exercise according prescribed amount of time.


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