Sometimes despite your best efforts, a guy or girl may not respond to a relationship with the level of warmth and commitment that you hope for. Some may prefer to be upfront and tell you that this relationship is going nowhere while others may idle along and hope that sooner or later you see the writing on the wall.

In case of the second situation, here are ten signs that should tell you that you are wasting your time in a relationship.

10There is nothing to say to each other

Living in silence is often the first warning sign that all is not right in the relationship.

However do not confuse this with the companionable silence that couples share in a long, satisfied marriage.

There it is a case of two people knowing each other so well as to be comfortable in their silence and not having the need to make small conversation.

But in case of a disintegrating relationship, the silence makes for an arid, loveless atmosphere where two people have nothing to share anymore.


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