First date can be nerve wrecking. So instead of freaking out, tackle it step by step. This list is made in a way to cater both the sexes. Without much ado, here are 10 advices for your first date.

10Decide On The Location

First off, decide on the location. Nothing too extravagant, nothing too fancy; don’t try that cheap trick of impressing your date with your financial assets.

Either she’ll/he’ll tell you to ‘F*#%k off’ or will marry you and make your life hell.

Take him/her to lunch or dinner (dinner is more romantic) to a moderately affordable & more importantly a comfortable place, where you two can talk for long hours without getting disturbed or being asked to leave on accounts of other customers waiting for their turn to sit at the table.

That would be highly embarrassing. Go someplace quiet. Movies are a complete no-no on your first date.

How are you supposed to know each other while staying mum with eyes fixed on the screen?

Remember not to go overboard to impress each other, try to be yourself. It’ll save you from disappointments later.


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