Happy, sad, ecstatic, anxious. Mood swings are complex, incomprehensible, and varied. Yet, to the person afflicted by them, the mood swing-set is never a fun ride.

There are, in fact, many types of mood swings out there, each with their own initiators. Learn which is which so you can tackle these emotions without feeling horrid.

5Mood swings are a veritable rollercoaster of emotional mayhem

The name may be simple enough, but it is not solely a pendulum moving back and forth between smiles and frowns.

Mood swings are a veritable rollercoaster of emotional mayhem, and these unpredictable emotions are actually never the person’s fault.

Some people experience mood swings because of a mental disorder. Others can blame their physical health.

The moods you are affected by say a lot about what is going on biochemically and psychologically.

Mood swings are also not always rapid. Some happen over the course of a few hours as your energy wanes.

To check which kind of mood swing you are having and what may be going amuck in your system, find your symptoms below:


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