Many of us are looking for ways to make our meals a bit healthier than they currently are. To achieve this, you don’t have to alter your entire cooking style.

It is easy to transform your usual meals into ones of a healthier version by beginning with a few simple tricks.

5Use broth or water instead of oil

There are many instances in which you can use broth or even plain water in place of oil or fat. Use a splash of broth to sauté vegetables.

This keeps them flavorful without the need of a coat of oil.

When frying burgers, chops, and chicken breasts begin with a non-stick cooking spray, and allow the meat to brown for a few minutes.

Then, add broth or water to finish the cooking with steam.

This method produces the desired brown color and keeps the meat moist.

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Try using chicken broth in mashed potatoes instead of butter for a different type of rich flavor.


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