6Apple’s iOS platform and Google’s Android platform both emerged at around the same time a decade ago, but there’s precious little question that one platform in particular was steering the ship in the early days.

Google’s Android team had been hard at work building a boring BlackBerry clone, but Google did something that other platform makers failed at miserably.

Google took one look at the iPhone Apple unveiled in early 2007 and it instantly knew it was cloning the wrong mobile experience.

Meanwhile, big cell phone companies like Nokia, BlackBerry and Microsoft kept chugging along without adapting at all.

Google’s reworked Android platform would launch commercially in late 2008 on the HTC Dream/G1, and it wisely resembled Apple’s iPhone far more than it resembled a BlackBerry phone.

In the years that followed, Apple and Google would go on to overtake the global cell phone market as other platforms floundered and failed.

It’s clear that iOS and Android took inspiration from each other every step of the way, but in this post we’ll look at five ways in particular that Android took Apple’s ideas from the iPhone and made them even better in Android.


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