Have you read that right, you wonder? Isn’t it always the other way around? Men are traditionally always called the unfaithful ones and the ones most likely to cheat. But there isn’t any rule in the book that says women won’t do it too. They are probably just more subtle or selective about it.

Unlike men, with women it isn’t so much an ego boost or a way of reassuring themselves of their sexual prowess. With women the motivations are often far more complex, but of course, no less inexcusable. There are entire dating websites like the controversialAshley Madison which seem to help women cheat with other men, these days.

Why do women cheat? And are there some women more prone to cheating than others?

6The thrill-seeker

There are some women who cheat just for the adventure and the sheer high they get from it. This kind of woman usually craves the variety and excitement of one-night stands or short-term affairs.

She gets easily bored with the routine and the predictable and loves to live life a little dangerously. That includes seeking a little loving on the side.


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