7How to Improve Posture

By:Lumi Images/Patrick Frost/Getty Images

There are so many good reasons to improve your posture. But did you know that better posture might actually help you lose weight?

Improved posture alone doesn’t cause weight loss, but it can affect the factors that make weight harder or easier.  For example:

  • Better posture may help banish diet-related fatigue.  In a recent interview with Dr. Holly Phillips, the medical expert suggested that improved posture is one of the best natural ways to improve energy levels during weight loss.
  • Good posture helps improve confidence. Do you want to look thinner right away? Good posture thins your frame instantly, making you look and feel better about your body. Studies have shown that when people practice good posture, they feel more confident.
  • Good posture improves comfort and mobility. When you stand up straight or sit tall at your desk, your muscles work more efficiently. This helps to improve your comfort level and may help you to move more throughout the day.

So are you ready to stand tall and boost your weight loss program? There are five simple ways to improve your posture.


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