If you’ve been spending weeks, months, or even years waiting for your crush to approach you, maybe it’s not about them – maybe it’s about the vibe you’re giving off.

It’s totally possible that you seem intimidating, which for a lot of people, is another way of saying “unapproachable.”

8Being intimidating is not a bad thing.

Being intimidating is not a bad thing, but it can make people feel extra nervous around you – if you seem super cool and busy, your crush might be too nervous to strike up a conversation.

Another vibe that would push someone away? Acting standoffish, which can also come from feeling really shy and nervous.

It’s hard to turn off either of these things, especially when you don’t really realize you’re doing them.

So how do you go against your nature and try to become more approachable? We’ve got a few ideas.

Sometimes, getting someone to see you as friendly, open, and easy to talk to means getting out of your comfort zone or changing up your body language.

You can never force anyone to talk to you, but you can make things easier on other people – especially the person you like.

Here are a few ways to make your crush want to approach you. You don’t know for sure if that’s why they haven’t tried having a conversation yet, but hey – it doesn’t hurt to try!


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