IF YOU have opted for an Apple iPhone over the plethora of Android smartphones on the market – rejoice. Your iPhone comes with a range of unique features and functions that your Google-powered rivals can only dream of. Here are Express.co.uk’s selection of the top unique iOS options.

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7iPhone Apps Are Almost Always First, And Better Looking

When it comes to launching a brand-new app, many developers still prioritise Apple’s App Store.

There are a number of reasons for this – namely, iOS apps tend to make more money for developers than their Play Store equivalent.

Research by independent design and development agency Infinium also revealed the average Android app takes 28 per cent longer to develop than its iOS counterpart.

Even Google is making better apps for iPhone users than its own platform

That’s because, on average, the Android version of an app contains around 38 per cent more code to achieve the same functionality.

As a result, most of the latest and greatest smartphone games and utilities will debut on iOS ahead of Android.

Prisma – the hugely-popular app that leverages artificial intelligence to transform your photos into works of art – premiered on iPhone almost two months before it arrived on the Google Play Store. Even Google is making better apps for iPhone users than its own platform.

The latest – dubbed Motion Stills – is a beautiful way to scroll through your photos, with each snap coming to life with a burst of animation as you pass it in the Instagram-style timeline.

Leveraging Apple’s own Live Photos, the Google-built app lets you quickly export your animated snaps to social media in widely-accepted formats, like a GIF or a short movie.

Whether you’re using iOS or Android, you will have access to the most popular mobile apps – like Facebook, WhatsApp, Uber, SnapChat, Instagram.

But even these will debut new features and tweaks on iOS ahead of Android users.

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WhatsApp recently made its voicemail feature live on iPhone – a week before it appeared on Android.