2Best 5 Super Effective Ways Of Dealing With A Jealous Girlfriend

Jealousy, an intense emotion when unchecked or stopped in the initial stages can cause irrevocable harm to the person who experiences this emotion.

It can also probably put an end to all his/her relationships. Jealousy is one such emotion which raises its ugly head time and again, afflicting either a boy or a girl romantically involved with each other. We have heard of many acts of recklessness a boyfriend had to deal with because of his jealous girlfriend.

Why does my girlfriend constantly experience bouts of jealousy? Is it something I say or do? A girl getting a wee bit jealous when her boyfriend looks at other attractive girls is a natural phenomenon, but if this jealousy assumes abnormal proportions, then it’s time to take quick action!

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An overtly jealous girlfriend can destroy her relationship with her boyfriend if she begins to view every normal situation, as a potential threat to her relationship. In such a situation how does the boyfriend learn to deal with a jealous girlfriend? Let us find out the ways.


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A heart-to-heart conversation with your girlfriend may help in finding out the real source of her jealousy. Maybe, she has had a bitter relationship with her ex who was cheating on her.

Once the ‘source’ of her jealousy is established, try to wipe out this fear of ‘losing you’ from her mind.

Constant assurance

A jealous girlfriend needs constant assurance. Assure her that there is no ‘threat’ to your relationship especially in the form of another woman.

Give her details on your time away from her. Let her interact with your near and dear ones. Talking to the people who know you best may help her realize that her fears are unfounded.


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