One of the most heart-breaking experiences someone can go through is to find that a partner has been cheating in the relationship. The emotional consequences can range from immediate rage and despair to a depression lasting for several years.

Impossible though it may sound, even after such an experience, it is possible to pick up the pieces of one’s life and even forgive the erring partner.

8Allow yourself to get upset

Take your time to fully mourn the loss of trust that you have experienced in your love life.

Every serious relationship involves huge amounts of investment in terms of time, effort and emotions and when you find that you have been cheated upon, it can seem to take away the ground beneath your feet.

The primary emotions are that of anger, despair, abandonment and helplessness. Cry if you feel like and get as miserable as possible.

The grieving process is important if you are to move on the next stage of healing and eventually forgiving your partner.


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