Now that the new year is here, you might have started working to get back into shape (or not, we don’t know your life!). Whether you resolved to run more, go to more classes, or try something new, great results will keep you motivated.

But so many of us exercise without seeing results. Which can be frustrating! But now, experts think they have an explanation for that.

3The problem might be your biology.

We know, that doesn’t sound encouraging. But it is. Because researchers think they’ve found a way to get around your biology and get the workout results you’re looking for.

Researchers found that different people respond differently to exercises.

 In a study published in the journal PLOS ONE, researchers from Queen’s University in Kingston Ontario and the University of Ottowa found that some people are “non-responders” to exercise.
That means that exercise doesn’t give them the same boost in cardiovascular fitness. But, if you don’t respond to one kind of exercise, you may respond to another type.

The study followed 21 healthy women and men, who completed two types of workouts. They worked out in two separate training periods with a gap in between of several months.

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Half the group performed endurance training during one period while the other half did interval training. And then they switched for the second round.


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