While there are thousands of hot women in the world but what we are looking for are the top 10 gorgeous women in the world. The women with beautiful facial features, bodies and the women who look stunning without much makeup and all.

We have tried our best to pick the top 10 gorgeous women in the world based on their fame, fan following, personality and most importantly, their beauty. These absolutely stunning women come from every corner of the world and have achieved fame in their life.

Often various online magazines have been naming them as the hottest and sexiest women in the world. So, let’s have a look at these pretty ladies out there.

This 30-year-old American actress, Amber Heard is a dream woman for many of her fans.

She’s a gorgeous Hollywood leading lady and is the queen of many young hearts.

According to a scientific facial mapping software, Heard has the Most Beautiful Face In The World.

She’s also one of the few actresses who look somewhat gorgeous without makeup and that’s more beautiful, isn’t it?


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