Universe is mysterious and fascinating. The little that we know about the universe is due to the efforts made to understand the working of the universe. We have even scratched heads as to how the universe came to existence in the first place and how shall it end.

There are a number of impressive theories trying to explain the universe. Here, we give you some of the theories on how the universe will end.

The 10 Doomsday Theories:

10The Heat Death of the Universe

Think, if the universe keeps expanding exponentially, what will happen. Galaxies will drift apart and the darkness in between will get wider and wider.

What after that? The stars will get further and further, unable to illuminate the planets anymore.

Ultimately the universe will go dark. The universe will be in a state of equilibrium, and that would be the end of everything.

The eventual fate of the universe, from this view will be ‘heat death’. The universe largely follows thermodynamic system.

Eventually hot heavy specks will spread over cold void creating a thin uniform mist turning the universe into a dark empty space.


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