Proposing is an act that needs to be carefully planned out and should carry a bit of surprise to make it even more special. While some choose the cliché styled proposals like the ring in a glass of champagne or in a piece of cake, others like to make it different and extravagant.

From proposals on the giant television screens in sports games to hiring a pilot to fly over with a “will you marry me” banner flying off the end of the aircraft. Taking it to a whole different level, these 10 extreme wedding proposals have changed the way men think about popping the big question.

10An Exhibition of Art to Win the Heart

George, an industrial engineer finally plucked up the courage to ask his girlfriend, Sara to marry him.

He wanted it to be romantic and well thought out, while making the proposal a work of art. He spent 24 hours out of 4 days in front of his computer and designed a 3D exhibition.

After the design was complete, he cut foam with the help of a laser cutter to form the words “will you marry me?” He smartly named the piece “My Early Muir Owl” which is an anagram for “will you marry me”.

All he had to do now was hire an actor to play the artist of the piece. Once that was arranged, he named him “Serge Gandaora”.

His name was an anagram for “Sara and George”. As Sara was asked to look at the piece through special frames, she saw the words form right before her eyes and looked at George who had already taken a knee beside her.

She obviously said yes and accepted the ring with a tear rolling down her cheek.


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