Recently, Hollywood heartthrob Channing Tatum revealed on Ellen DeGeneres Show that he is absolutely afraid of singing in front of a crowd. What he also disclosed is that he hates Porcelain dolls, and he freaked out when the host of the talk show, Ellen, brought out two dolls.

Just like any person with Pediophobia or fear for dolls, Channing said that the life-like eyes of the dolls have always scared him. There are many famous people from different fields who have phobias. Let us look at the names of a few of such famous people with strange phobia.

10Keanu Reeves: Nyctophobia/Scotophobia

Professionally, he has performed some brazen actions in The Matrix and Speed, and has not deterred from performing the daring acts for his films.

In his personal life, he has dealt with his girlfriend’s death in an automobile wreck, eighteen months after giving birth to their still-born girl-child.

He has seen darkness that life can offer, what with his intimate observation of homeless people.

Ironically, he has a fear of darkness. When asked, he defines his phobia as a rather philosophical one. He could just be scared of dying.


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