People have been developing weapons since the first time someone used a rock to bash in someone else’s skull.

Since then, the lethality of weaponry and defensive systems has gotten more and more complex. Visions of future technology are already making their debut on the modern battlefield, with more on the way.

10Adaptive Camouflage

Ever since Predator was released, people have imagined a similar form of camouflage to protect troops and vehicles.

BAE Systems has developed a technology that might keep a Predator at bay with its new ADAPTIV system.

ADAPTIV uses hexagonal modules to cover the outside of an armored vehicle. These cells adjust their heat and cooling based on the environment to mask infrared sensors and also display thermal images of other objects like vehicles, animals, or the landscape to visually confuse the enemy.

This blends the object into the background in real-time, making it virtually invisible via IR heat detection.

The hexagonal plates can also display thermal signatures to identify friendly forces by heating specific patterns, shapes, and letters.


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