It’s a common knowledge that Hollywood movies are watched by people around the world, which is why those movies are much more successful than the rest.

North America is the biggest market in terms of box office collection (at least for now). But there have been some movies that are made for local people of a particular country, but still managed to make box office collection comparable that of Hollywood movies.

Some of these movies earned enough money to declare themselves blockbusters even by Hollywood standards. Here are top ten highest grossing non-English movies. Have a look!

10The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (Swedish)

Box Office: $104 million

The girl with the dragon tattoo is an adaptation of an excellent novel with the same name. The novel has been adapted two times for a film, once in 2009 and later in 2011 by a Hollywood filmmaker.

Although the Hollywood version is almost a masterpiece, due to the presence of director David Fincher and many great actors in lead.

But the Swedish version of the story has its own Aura.

The girl with the dragon tattoo is an extremely dark film, it explores subjects that normal people mostly try hard to ignore, such as sexual abuse, heartbreak and sacrifice.

If you consider the darkness of the film, the box office performance looks even more impressive.

Because mainstream people probably didn’t even watch it, but still it managed to become 10th highest grossing non-English movies of all time.


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