Some of us are such big fans that we queue up at movie theaters so that we can see the movie on big screen the minute it premiers. Movie producers make a killing on such shows with some movies reporting hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of ticket sales on the opening night only.

This has prompted movies producers to get the best actors in their movies and this does not come cheap. These movie actors are paid a lot of money to appear in films and this piece examines the Top 10 highest paid actors in Hollywood.

10Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence is one of the most beautiful ladies in Hollywood.

At just 25 years, she has starred in some of the best movies since the turn of the millennium.

Her cute smile and nice figure make her a huge hit among the male viewers. Some of the films she has starred include the 2016 blockbuster X-men Apocalypse, the 2015 film Joy as well as the featuring in X-men First Class in 2010 and Silver Linings Playbook of 2012.

She shot to fame with her starring role as a mutant turtle Mystique in the 2010 X-men movie First Class.

She has not looked back ever since and she has gone to become one of the most paid actors in Hollywood.


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