Horror movies have a long history of featuring ultra hot females as the lead characters. Premise is to make us feel sorry for these attractive women. Girls can relate to them and boys don’t want them to be hurt, making horror movies as thrilling as possible.

There have been hundreds of sexy women appeared in different horror movies, but only best 10 could make their way to this list. Here are 10 hottest female in horror movies.

Top 10 Hottest Female in Horror Movies

10Olivia Wilde in Turistas

If a movie is set on the beaches of Brazil, then you’re surely going to get some really hot ladies walking around in bikini.

Although Turistas was an amateur film that could neither impress general audience nor critics, but one character played by Olivia Wilde caught people attention for being very sexy.

Even after a decade she’s one of sexiest female characters ever appeared in horror movies.


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