Some said World War 3 will happen in 2016. Many others were of the opinion that it is going to be the hottest year ever (based on scientific evidence).

2016 is gone and forever gone, but we thought to give the year an overview by showing the most trending issues of the year to you.

10Gay marriage

Probably the most controversial topic of 2016 was a law that officially allowed, recognized and supported the marriage of people of the same sex.

This did not come suddenly. For years, unisex marriage activists have created an ambience where the idea was nurtured.

In schools for example, kids were told stories that went something like, “Philip has two dads. Life is so much fun because when one dad can’t take him out, the other will.

When one dad brings him chocolates, the other one brings him toys. Both his dads make weekends so much fun!” This is how they tamed the minds of young ones.

Gay marriage is allowed in many “developed” countries either partially or nationwide.

Notable among these are Denmark, United Kingdom, Ireland, Iceland, France, Canada, Luxembourg, Norway and Belgium.

Certain states in the US allowed same-sex marriages but it is now accepted nationwide.

Both the major faiths of the world (Christianity & Islam) do not allow same-sex marriage but like they say, “in the end, love won!”


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