The sorting, the switching, the waiting, the folding, the unexplained disappearance of an arbitrary item. When will it all end? 

Well, at least you can make the thankless task a little easier to bear by avoiding these mistakes that are costing you time, money, and a bit of sanity.

10You’re Not Using Laundry Detergents That ‘Rinse Clean’

Most of the leading laundry detergents are scented and given names that bring to mind a summer rain or a spring breeze.

While they make our clothes smell fresh as a field of fragrant lilacs, it’s not exactly getting your clothes “clean.”

Your clothes are clean in the sense that the dirt and grime has been eliminated, but as a result there’s chemical detergent residue left behind.

Michelle C. Smith, an entrepreneur and blogger who specializes in making all-natural personal cleansing products, says, “The biggest laundry mistake people are making is not using a laundry detergent that rinses clean — or has a fragrance, for example.

This residue is left on your clothes and then most people put a dryer sheet — full of material that leaves more residue — in the dryer with their clothes because they don’t like how their clothes feel.”

To solve this problem, try swapping your normal brand with an all-natural, fragrance-free brand — or learn how to make your own laundry detergent with natural ingredients.


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