Casinos are regarded as the place for gambling for riches. Yes, it is true! But there are some Casinos in this World where riches will have to stay outside the door because sometimes the place becomes too expensive to afford by the riches even.

Those are only for “richer than riches”. Here, I am going to get you the knowledge of the top 10 most luxurious and expensive casinos of the world. The list will have the names, there place and some features.

10The Bellagio – Las Vegas

The Bellagio has got the Rank10 in this list. This amazing Casino is situated in Las Vegas. The whole interior is based on Italic theme.

The great casino has as much as 116000 sq ft area. The hotel has many restaurants apart from its main attraction, the Casino.

Presently, Bellagio LLC is the owner of The Bellagio. There is a wonderful fountain outside the hotel which is considered as one of the attractions of this hotel.

The fountain show starts from 8pm to midnight at an interval of 15 minutes and in the evening and afternoons at an interval of 30 minutes.


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