By far, 2016 gave us some very good movies like Zootopia and X-Men Apocalypse, you can expect Hollywood entertainment to do even better next year.

With all the fans that they have made before, Paramount Pictures, Pixar, Warner Bros and 20th Century Fox have a few great reels in line for the movie watcher. Despite the obstacles surrounding production, one of which is majorly piracy, filmmakers continue to strive to give us better entertainment through better movies each year.

Below are a few movies that are expected to come out in 2017 and are on our watch list.

10LEGO Batman

LEGO is popular and loved by people of all ages. Consider Legoland Atlanta where big action figures and LEGO style entertainment awaits people of all ages and sizes.

There are LEGO products all over the world and ever since the first one came out- the popularity has not diminished even though it keeps changing forms for example from plastic blocks to video games and now animations.

The LEGO Batman movie will pay tribute to all the Batman characters to date. Though the script has not been finalised yet- it promised some humour and entertainment.

So we are looking forward to some good laughs next year as we sip our cokes on big LEGO blocks.


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