Top 10 Movies With Visual Effects Innovations of 21st Century


Have you ever wondered, how the Hulk’s facial features looks similar to that of Bruce Banner in Avengers movies. Obviously you know that’s CGI but how does it work? How was it started? How the enormous crowd in 300 or Lord of the rings was created? and how Caesar in planet of the apes, Gollum in hobbit trilogy and Na’vi in avatar was brought to life?. If you’re searching for those answers then you should definitely read this article.

Here’s one point to remember, some movies in this list may not have absolute best CGI or utterly convincing visual effects, but they’re on this list for pioneering some techniques that gave us later movies with some of the best computer generated visuals.

10The Perfect Storm (2000)

With The perfect Storm industrial light & magic revealed their first big innovation of this century named OpenEXR.

It is basically a “high dynamic range imaging” image format which was used to render water effects in this biographical disaster drama.

By creating perfect real life like water physics, ILM solved an exceedingly huge problem that visual effect artists previously failed to overcome for more than a decade.

Water has always been difficult to render for movies. The iconic water movement scene in James Cameron’s the Abyss took about 6 months to make 30 seconds of animation, however, it got easier to make as the technology advanced and we pleased our eyes with some visually stunning water effects in 1997’s summer blockbuster Titanic.

But still there were some improvements needed to reach where we are today.

Problem doesn’t come with water rendering itself but the scattering of water drops when something hit the water.

Scattering of water particles with realistic physics is insanely complicated to create on computer.

But let’s not jump into details, the point is, ILM pioneered a revolutionary compression format that simplified those over the top complicated calculations.

They rendered water effects almost close to reality back in the year 2000 and changed the visual effect industry forever.


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