It is a very bad idea to stowaway on a plane. Unless you are lucky enough to sneak onto the cabin, you will most likely die.

Your body can not take the freezing temperatures and low oxygen of high altitudes. Very few stowaways—less than 25 percent—manage to survive their flight. Here are a few of those fortunate people.

10Mario Steven Ambarita

Mario Ambarita really wanted to meet Joko Widodo, the President of Indonesia. However, Widodo lived in Jakarta, and Ambarita lived over 800 miles away.

He decided that he needed to hitch a ride on an airplane to get to Jakarta. He spent a year studying airplanes’ landings and liftoffs.

Ambarita learned from the Internet how to hide in a wheel well—a tiny compartment that houses the airplane’s wheels when the plane is in flight. He then spent ten days studying an airport.

Ambarita was convinced that he could make the journey. He climbed the eight-foot security fence and waited for the plane headed to Jakarta.

When the plane stopped at the end of the runway, he climbed into the wheel housing. Ambarita spent nearly two hours in thin air and sub-zero temperatures.

He collapsed when he arrived at the airport. Ambarita was rushed to the hospital. He had a bleeding ear and his fingers were frostbitten.

Luckily, he did not have any permanent damage. Ambarita was brought to the police station, and he spent a night in jail. He did not suffer any other punishments.


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