Today the highest grossing movie goes by the name “Avatar”, which is also considered most profitable movie ever, without including DVD and Bluray revenue.

But this kind of movies are made with very high budget. Avatar alone was made with $237 million and its box office collection is only about 10 times of its production budget.

But the movies in this list will surely leave you in shock, because these are the most profitable movies relative to the production budget.

10Napoleon Dynamite (2004)

Budget: $400k
Box Office: $46 million

This surprisingly small budget movie became instant hit with bringing in more than 100 times of its production budget.

Nobody from film-making team might’ve expected this movie to become this level of successful.

Even the lead actor Jon Hader was paid only $1000 dollars to play the title role, but after the film’s unexpected success, he received a cut from the collection.

Due to its hilarity, quirkiness and unique title, Napoleon Dynamite has also developed cult following since its release.


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