Keep in mind that normal menstrual cycle is 28 to 35 days long. In short, a menstrual cycle is considered normal if it happens every 28 to 35 days.

As it’s not a major problem but it’s not mean that you never pay attention to this matter. There are many things that involved in making irregular menstrual cycle. Here we discuss all those reasons in detail.

10Extreme Exercising

Exercise is a good thing for health, as it keeps our body healthy but exercising too much is not well. It’s a fact excess of everything is not good.

When you do a lot of exercises, it affects your physical health. The human body needs the energy to menstruate.

If we burning too much energy during excessive physical exercise, then there will be nothing left for a body to use during that time of the month.

Extreme exercising puts stress on the body which can delay the menstrual cycle. Do you have notice one thing that especially athlete women’s are facing this problem when they taking part in the tough training of exercises?

Too much demanding exercise puts lots of pressure and stress on a woman’s body. Due to this, the body stops menstruating as a way to conserve energy.

Point to be noticed, those women’s who exercise a lot may have extremely low body fat.

Without body fat, a woman’s body is not able to produce enough estrogen to ovulate.


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