Apple’s iOS platform and Google’s Android operating system have never been more capable and feature rich than they are today.

Both ecosystems enjoy tremendous support from a wide range of third-party developers.

5 Both platforms are available on both affordable devices and on gorgeous, premium devices.

In 2017, you really can’t go wrong with either platform. Each one has advantages over the other, and each one is beloved by a huge portion of its user base.

And yet in countless studies over the past few years, Apple almost always seems to top the charts in brand loyalty and customer experience across every category.

Users flow from one platform to the other all the time, for various reasons. But according to data shared by Apple CEO Tim Cook — which is backed up by anecdotal evidence that we often share — Android users switch to the iPhone far more often than iPhone users bail on Apple’s platform. Why is that? We did some quick digging to find out.

In a thread we came across on Reddit two weeks ago, an iPhone users who had switched to the Google Pixel XL wrote about why after four months, he went back to the iPhone.

It was an interesting read, and it prompted us to reach out to a number of iPhone users to discuss why they switched from Android, or what keeps them from switching to Android.

People email us all the time to discuss their smartphone preference, so we asked people to quickly and concisely list the main reasons why they switched to the iPhone or why they have no plans to switch away from the iPhone.

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In this post, we’ll cover the 10 most common responses we received.


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