Just like other mythological creatures, demons were created by our ancestors with the primary purpose of blaming them for our misfortunes. Demons were blamed for illnesses and diseases as well as the committal of sins.

They also served as a warning and were useful figures for the purpose of scaring children into obedience. And while most of the demons are terrifying, some are also incredibly ridiculous. Below we have a list of ten such ridiculous demons.


Titivillus is often referred to as the “Patron Demon of Scribes”. Back when the mechanical printing press was not yet invented, copies of books or documents had to be made by hand.

This was done by professional scribes who were often monks in the Scriptorium of their monasteries. As one can imagine, errors could not be avoided.

Instead of owning up to their mistakes, the monks invented Titivillus. The demon was not only blamed for scribal errors but also served as a warning to the inattentive monk.

It was said that Titivillus wandered the earth every day collecting scribal errors until he had collected enough errors to fill his sack a thousand times.

At the end of each day Titivillus would take his sack to the devil and each scribal mistake would be entered in a book beside the name of the monk who had made it.

It was believed that on Judgement Day, the errors would be read out loud and held against the monk who had made it.


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