In attempt to gain more followers, raise funds or create awareness, people across the world have engaged in very disturbing, disgusting and dangerous challenges. Some do it for fun, but there is no excitement when you eat things that are guaranteed to make you throw up.

Most of these challenges test how long one will take before they vomit, but in other challenges you will find some tough people who are able to restrain themselves from vomiting. Here, below are 10 Ridiculous Food Challenges You Probably Don’t Want to Try!

10Milk Gallon Challenge

This is a challenge that sounds easy to do until you attempt it. As the name suggests, it involves drinking a whole gallon of milk without vomiting.

The first problem with this insane but nice sounding idea is that the human body is not very good at processing large amounts of dairy in a limited time.

Secondly, an average human stomach can only hold only approximately half a gallon.

The result of this challenge is the triggering of the stomach’s gag reflex making you vomit your entire stomach contents on whatever or whoever is in front of you.


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