Now that you have spotted the guy of your dreams, you cannot wait to make his acquaintance and get your personal life roaring on the right track. And yet it may equally be possible that you are not his kind of girl and he is only being polite when he says he’ll call you.

If you wish to avoid a future heartbreak , here are ten signs that will make it clear that a guy does not like you and you would do well not to entertain high hopes.

10He does not call

If it has been over a week since you met at a friend’s party or in the library where you exchanged phone numbers and he still hasn’t called, chance are that you have not really captured his imagination.

Agreed, he could have been busy or over-committed at work but still a text message or a quick call during lunch-break would never have been beyond the scope of the possible.

What’s more, if you have called him only to get his voice mail and he still has not returned you call, you can pretty much kiss your chances of seeing him again good bye.


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