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Every marriage starts off with the hope that in good times and bad, the couple will be there for each other. Unfortunately sometimes, relationships sour to such an extent that any attempt at setting things right seems futile and the only thing left to do is for each to go in a different way.

If you think so of your own marriage as well, watch out for the following ten signs which may signal that the relationship is over and it is best to move on.

10You can’t talk without arguing

The first definite sign that a marriage is in grave trouble is perhaps when spouses stop communicating with each other.

This can take various forms like keepings things to yourself since you dread talking to your spouse about marital problems or life in general.

Or engaging in stonewalling tactics in the mistaken belief that what is not out in the open  – like knowledge of an affair – cannot hurt the marriage.

On the other extreme, if you are overly defensive, dismissive of your spouse’s feelings, show contempt for his/her beliefs you are again breaking the norms of effective communication.

For a marriage to survive, it is crucial that couples not only discuss their feelings, thoughts, goals and needs but also find ways of healthy conflict resolution – all of which is impossible when spouses stop communicating with each other.



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