Most of what the world knows and can do, and is possible to do or have in this modern era, has derived from the ingenious concepts, ideas and tried inventions of the world’s most greatest and brilliant mind’s to have ever thought in this world as we know it, enabling us to have what we have, do what we do on a daily basis, by their theories, philosophies, laws of physical sciences, scientific breakthroughs, concept or prototype inventions etc.

The world’s greatest centurions have been made famous for their mindsets and unique way of thinking which literally impacted on and changed the world as we know it today.

Everybody in this era ought to have learnt about in school, studied in university or stumbled across the most influential geniuses sometime in their lives and times of feeding their curiosity, yet not everybody would know precisely what each of these individuals were famous for.

Below is a compilation of ten of the smartest people in history with recognition of their mindsets, philosophies, theories, inventions, ideas, concepts and breakthroughs and with certain linkage to modern society and people too and their extraordinary abilities to think beyond the horizons of every other man or women of their era.

10Leonardo Da Vinci

There’s an old saying that the spit or strand of hair from Da Vinci would be a masterpiece and a timeless collector’s item that’s priceless to even the richest of modern man.

And with no doubt his saliva would have such an effect on the world, just saying.

Anything of bodily fluids or that belonged to these geniuses and if preserved till this day, would probably be equivalent to that of the Holy Grail or the nails that crucified Jesus.

Beginning life to this creative genius on 15 April 1452, it is to no doubt that his talents lied in a flexible sense which spanned across being an excellent fine artist, drafting, chemistry, Mathematics (definitely not the simple kind that kids in school fail today), plaster casting, sculptering, metalworking, metal casting, leather working, carpentry, and Modelling of 3D objects etc.

He can be considered as one of the most flexible men of his time to have learnt and mastered each thing he attempted all in the artistic fields.


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