With sexy bodies and crisp features, these hottest female superheroes can surely make a villain fall in love with them. We have seen some of the iconic female superheroes fighting and kicking villain’s ass.

These female superheroes have some of the sexiest and the hottest bodies among all the celebrities. Be it Anne Hathaway as Catwoman or Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow, these hottest female superheroes surely knows how to be seductive and sexy.

Check out the hottest female superheroes of all time.

Hottest Female Superheroes:

10Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique

With a pretty face and a sexy body, Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique in the X-men series is our pick for the 10th spot on our list of top 10 hottest female superheroes.

Although it takes 7 hours of half-naked agony for Lawrence to transform into the shape-shifting Mystique with the help of intense makeup, but it is surely worth the time of actress.


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