In the past decade tattoos have become more popular and accepted as compared to before. It is a costly affair and takes a long time to complete even a palm sized tattoo. But, there are always people who take their interest to a whole new level and want to stand out.

The world has much place for them and fancies their interest! Here are 10 people who took their tattoo interest to an extreme that you cannot figure out what drove them and why, even if there is a justified reason.

Have a look at 10 Tattoo Fanatics and decide if you can comprehend!

10Face name tattoo

Apart from all the fully covered tattoos, Lesya Toumaniantz from Saransk, Russia took the wildest decision in the tattoo world.

Lesya agreed to tattoo the name of Ruslan Toumaniantz, the man she met only 24 hours back.

This was a blind step without the certainty of their relationship in the future. The tattoo read RUSLAN in calligraphy across her face in thick bug letters.

However, they now plan on getting married to each other, which saves her face from the laser.


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