The United Nations exists in order to stop any conflicts from escalating or aggravating. Yet the recent upsurge of terrorism has raised questions amongst people about the possibility of the Third World War. Education and aid is not the solution because terrorism is not coming from the poorer countries only.

In fact, more than 600 people from the Northern America have joined ISIS since its inception. Let us take a look at things that could lead to a Third World War.


That is how world conflicts begin actually. During WWI, Austria was supported by Germany and Italy.

Italy changed party and the Triple Entente (Britain, France, Russia) had an understanding that if either was attacked, the other two would come to aid.

So Austria attacked Serbia, Germany attacked France and turned back to attack Russia, Britain helped France and Italy joined them.

This way almost the whole of Europe was engulfed by war.

In WWIII probably this is what will happen.

Iran and India might attack Pakistan, China will help and get involved, America will double cross both parties and come to aid apparently, the Philippines and neighbouring archipelago might stay out to think which side to join and so on.

In the Middle East there are already many conflicts that might overlap with the third great war.


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