Death, an inevitable extinction, shared by the rich and the poor is the ultimate price of mortality. Though there are thousands of laboratories across the world equipped with mind blowing technology and staffed with the most brilliant minds of the 21th century, they continue to lag behind in the quest to crack the elusive code of immortality as the grim reaper continues to ravage across the continents leaving graves in her wake.

In this list, we won’t feature the conspiracy and death of Princess Diana or the unsolved Black Dahlia case; instead, we’ll review ten odd deaths that stood out in history.

[The circumstances leading to these death are very slim and far between].

10Robert And The Unforgiving Fish

Hundreds of people are killed annually by fishes. Either through food poisoning, impalement or fishinduced drowning not to mention shark attacks.

It’s therefore no surprise that fishes are among harmless but dangerous creatures given the right circumstance.

That small golden brown fish you enjoy seeing in the aquarium can transform into a killer machine and take you down in minutes in an ironical paradox of the watcher being watched.

In 2016, Robert, a veteran fisherman alongside his colleagues hopped on a boat and set the sail for the lake as they had done countless times before.

A fisherman by day and trader by night, he was renowned for his mastery of fishing spots and boatload of fish at the end of his fishing expeditions propelled him into a legendary figure and godfather for many.

However, the hard earned repute tumbled down one day after he crossed path with a small stray fish that not only murdered him but also made his death a subject of speculation and ridicule.

After identifying a nice spot to fish, he and the colleagues proceeded to cast the nets and as usual, the catch streamed in.

Fishermen know fish takes couple of minutes flip-flopping on the boat before dying off and keeping one’s mouth shut is mandatory but the problem was, Robert couldn’t keep his lips together.

As the fish wiggled and leapt up and down the boat, he continued talking, jeering and daring his counterparts before the unexpected happened.

A fish leapt from the boat and right into his mouth before swimming down his throat. His horrified friends looked on perplexed as he gasped for breath before being taken to the hospital where he succumbed moments later.

The village elder was quoted saying ‘’…I’ve never come across such an incident… [Sic]…it’s unthinkable that a live fish can jump into someone’s mouth…


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