11When your husband was just your boyfriend and you were eager to impress him, you spent hours debating what to wear for a date.

You simply wanted to look your best and nothing less would do. And when he appreciated the effort and complimented you, it was well worth it.

Many women complain that after settling into married life, their husbands don’t compliment them or they don’t get the same attention they received when they were courting.

But did you ever stop and think whether you pay the same attention to detail that you did when you were dating?

Women often get caught up with juggling household responsibilities and a career and often, dressing to get their husband’s approval doesn’t really figure very high on their list of priorities.

Retaining your allure for your partner and continuing to be attractive to him isn’t only about your physical appearance. It goes beyond that. Read on for ten ways to be more attractive to your husband…


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