Besides the world seeing an increasingly greater frequency of communication in just 142 words by the President of the United States, there are other things besides social media that are being shaped up by the Trump regime.

The world is experiencing the change in decades old relationship and policy put-forth by the Americans- like the phone call to Taiwan, and the after effects. Below are ten things in the world that are on the verge of change but because of the inconsistency and unpredictability of the POTUS, no one knows when or how.

10NATO shake-up

Members of the NATO alliance (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) were required to spend at-least 2% of the GDP on defense.

Out of the 27 member states, only five are currently meeting the requirement namely, US, UK, Croatia, Greece and Poland.

The Defense Secretary James Mattis personally traveled to Brussels the capital of NATO) to deliver the message of his boss.

Mr. Trump has been loudly disapproving of the NATO and while he disapproves almost every alliance that passes his seeing, this one could just be a voice of the Americans that brought him to power.

Generally, the population seems sick of being hated all over the world and wants to shed off the responsibility of being the “policeman of the world”.

Previously Mr. Mattis had hailed the NATO alliance by calling it a “fundamental bedrock” of trans-Atlantic cooperation.


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