We all know the many benefits of modern technology. But it is not without its negative effects.

Particularly when it comes to the technology we use on a daily basis, it can change our habits, our personalities, and more—in surprising ways.

10The Echo Chamber Effect

Photo credit: consumerwarningnetwork.com

One would think that social media would be an effective tool for bridging divides between differing viewpoints, but this does not necessarily appear to be the case.

For example, Facebook’s algorithms tend to push users toward content which lines up with their interests, which is understandable, and their existing viewpoints, which is troublesome.

As a result, users of social media must go out of their way to seek out differing views from their own—and most do not.

This effect serves to worsen divides by ensuring that groups on different sides of an issue are having completely different conversations.

Interactions between the sides usually only comes in the form of conflict. This has become known as a “filter bubble,” in which those who get their news mostly from social media are rarely presented with challenging perspectives.


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