The food habits vary totally among every country and every community. The foods which could be weird for us can be a famous delicacy for people of those countries. Few people find it adventurous to taste these weird foods. Therefore, doing some research and  awareness about the food and food items  of that country could be an added advantage and will help you find the food that which you can easily enjoy.

This list is about few weird foods around the world, which can be categorized as “dare to eat”, because either they might be made up of alive animals or the main ingredient of the dish is something definitely hard to swallow, shocked! Don’t be, find the list below:


Jumiles popularly known as the “stink bugs”, they are six-legged insects measuring less than 1 cm and  lives underwood logs in the forest or under the rock.

Jumiles are part of the daily diet in Mexico, especially the southern region. They have a medicinal flavor due to strong iodine content and are rich in vitamin B2 and B3.

Jumiles are eaten raw or mashed  with molacajete( a stone tool) and used in salsa and served with corn tortillas.

Jumiles are sold alive, although they die while the preparation of salsa.


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