We all know that for the smooth functioning of any system, laws are required. But there have been people who just take these words too literary and make laws which doesn’t make any sense. There are some laws which we love and there are some which we hate. But there are some laws which just leave us confused.

Some bizarre laws around the world makes us feel that they have put just to imprison or punish people, like as if they just need a reason to put the ordinary people behind the bars. It is hard to imagine that in a time where we have the unbelievable technological advances and modern facilities and we call ourselves intelligent modern beings, these laws exist. They make us just laugh, angry and sad, all at the same time. Here is a list of 10 weird laws from around the planet.

10Don’t Feed Pigeons

In San Francisco, there is a law which restricts people on the street from feeding pigeons. If they attempt to do so, they would break the law and thus legal actions can be taken on them.

If you think you will spend your day by feeding the pigeons, then think again. So, you should probably leave your bird love at home while in San Francisco.

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