4Our world has been revolutionized by Artificial Intelligence.

A subject hotly glorified by popular sci-fi movies, AI has now penetrated various spheres of our life.

It is widely used in applications such as aerospace, bio-informatics, business intelligence, financial advisory systems, emergency response, homeland security, logistics and supply chain.

In recent years, we have witnessed a rebirth of AI through the use of cloud, with technology firms such as Google leading the way in showing the power of data-driven computing.

Artificial intelligence systems are extensively used by researchers at technology firms, universities and government labs.

GPS navigation systems, Google algorithms, automated customer service, Apple’s Siri, as well as IBM’s Deep Blue and Watson- all are examples of AI at work.

It’s no wonder that the top technology giants are involved in a furious AI research and development arms race, with AI expected to become one of the most crucial human collaboration tools ever created, boosting human abilities and providing a simple user interface to all exponential technologies.

Here are the three major developments in AI over the past few months:


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