With the 2017 Oscars calling it a wrap, the buzz in the air for movie buffs is what film to put next on their watchlist.

But what if we told you that the content you currently see on your favorite streaming service isn’t the only content available to you?

2How to Unlock & Stream Blocked Video Content on Your iPhone

Geo-blocking is a term used to describe digital content blocking based on location, or more specifically, an IP address.

Depending on where we are in the world, what we experience on our streaming service of choice (whether it’s Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go or others) differs greatly by region.

In some locations, certain movies or TV shows might be blocked – that’s because every country has different rules that determine how money is distributed between the user (or the subscriber, which would be us in this scenario) to the streaming service, and then finally to the actual content creator (directors, production companies, etc.).

That means that internet-based content that originated in another country (for example, England) might take longer to hammer out the rules and licensing for the US, and vice versa.

So if there’s a new amazing film that’s received much applause overseas, it’s pretty likely you won’t be able to take a peek just yet in the US.

So what if you don’t want to wait? All this hooplah can seem pretty silly for an expat who just wants to catch an episode of Game of Thrones or a film lover who’s been waiting for their content provider to get that Japanese movie for over a year.

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For people who want access to content that’s restricted simply by location, there is a workaround: just use the help of a Smart DNS like StreamJack TV SmartDNS.


What Is a Smart DNS?

Without getting excessively technical here, a Smart DNS functions like a clever disguise for your actual location.

When using a Smart DNS service, your content requests are sent to a proxy server, and the proxy server then sends over your request for content. Finally, your content is delivered back to you – without ever revealing your true location.

Essentially, while using a Smart DNS, you’ll appear to be in a location where the content you’re trying to access is available.

And you’ll get past that pesky local copyright, no problem. Plus, unlike a VPN, Smart DNS solutions won’t slow down your internet speed (but more on that later).

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